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The SuperNova extension comes with the SuperNova Player, and does not need to be installed separately. You may install it on it's own if you can't or don't want to install the player. If you want the full player, you may download the Player here.

Install Extension

The Supernova Browser Extension will help you re-enable Adobe® Flash® Player.
SuperNova Extension lets you keep playing in the browser for a limited time.

By Dec. 2020 you will need the full SuperNova Player

For now, our extension will help you easily re-enable Adobe® Flash® in your browser. But by December 2020, you'll need the full SuperNova Player.

 Once you install the extension, follow the prompts to enable the game below.

Other Versions

Firefox Extension - Coming soon
For now, Firefox users can install the SuperNova Player to keep playing games
Firefox Coming Soon

We hope to also offer extensions for these browsers in the near future:

  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer

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